About The Artist

Your Milliner and Spouse, posing at Living History Farms outside the 1875 Millinery Shop.

Past and Present Millinery got started in 2003, a year after I started working at Living History Farms, and started my de-facto apprenticeship in millinery.  A friend asked me to make her a bridal headpiece, and thus, a company is born.

For a time, I specialized in solely in historically accurate headwear, doing work for museums and historical interpeters, as well as teaching basic straw hat making at Big Island Rendevous.

“The Redcaps Saw the Wizard of Oz Too Many Times”
Costume Con Future Fashion Folio Entry

And then – Costume Con came to town, and I went.  And decided millinery doesn’t have to be traditional.  I designed the hat to the right and entered it in the Future Fashion Folio, wearing it in the show as well.

From there, I got into Cosplay, Fantasy, and Playa, and my business expanded.

Today, I make hats for all occasions and in all fashions. All of my work is one of a kind; no two hats are ever the same, guaranteeing the customer a unique and custom piece of couture.

I work in felt, fur felt, straw,buckram, and all manner of fabrics and trims to make your hat exactly what you want.

My work can be found at the following museums:

  • Living History Farms -Iowa
  • Abraham Lincoln Memorial Museum – Illinois
  • Homestead Museum- California
  • Littleton Museum – Colorado
  • Rock Ledge Ranch Museum – Colorado

And has been displayed and sold at the following events:

Your Milliner at Big Island Rendezvous, modeling a custom order

  • Costume Con
  • Demi Con
  • ‘Anime Wasabi
  • Bizarre BQ at Fusion Factory
  • Ravenglass Gallery
  • Big Island Rendezvous
  • Jypsy Trunk Show
  • Various craft shows and festivals in Iowa and Colorado
I am also the  milliner/haberdasher for A.J. Machete and Sons and Denver Bespoke, as well as their sister shop, Vigilante Labs and Denver Dressmakers.
Whether you need an every day hat, something special for your wedding day, a piece to put the finishing touches on your costume, or just a piece to help you stand out from the crowd, I can fulfill your needs.
 Custom orders are always welcome!  To place an order, please feel free to email me and we’ll get started making your dream headwear right away!

My First Hat – I agonized matching the stripes in the fabric, and making the ribbon violets that decorated the back brim!


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