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A queen on a budget, please…..

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An accurate assessment of the current state of costuming and millinery; please understand that this work is well researched, painstakingly done, and usually completely by hand. You are paying for the education and fine workmanship as well as the historical accuracy.

A Damsel in This Dress


‘I need an Anne  Boleyn dress… my budget is £300.  Can you provide the fabrics? ‘

‘I need a complete posh 15th century outfit ( hose, doublet, gown, hat),  historically accurate, silk and linen, hose in wool.  I can spend £250.’

‘Can you do a posh Victorian for £320? can add another £40 if you make a corset too.’

‘ I want a duchess gown, stays and underpinnings for a ball – how much would it be? I have about £280 to spend on the project’

‘ I found this steampunk coat on ebay,  I want one just like that, but in different wool, with silk lining, and made bespoke – can pay £100. ( the picture of the coat was attached – and I found it online too…. it was a Karen Miller , offered for £200  = should still be seen here.’

These quotes  are direct lines…

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Past and Present Millinery to Present April 6th, 2014

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St. Phillips Lutheran Church in Littleton, Co. has asked us to come do a short presentation on millinery and hats for their yearly spring tea, this year’s theme – “Hat’s Off To The Ladies”.

Pictures to follow!

New Elfin Scoodies!

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What’s a scoodie?  It’s a hood with a scarf attached!  I came up with a brand new pattern, and have tried out several variations – all of them listed in my Etsy shop.  This pattern is available in custom colors.

Westword Writeup of My Hats

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Westword is a Denver based alternative news magazine, and while I was vending at the Bazaar B Q, this gentleman interviewed a bunch of us.


Without further ado, here is the link to the article!

Welcome to Past and Present Millinery!

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Here, all your hat needs and fantasies can be fulfilled.  Custom orders are our bread and butter; no two hats are ever the same, so you are guaranteed a unique piece to awe and impress.

We do Bridal, Couture, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Cosplay,  Playa, Gothic,  Historically Accurate, and just plain fun!

Average turn around on a hat is two weeks.

Please contact us for a quote!